Hi, welcome to Toddi Photography. I am JJ the photographer.  

 I am a natural light photographer who enjoys taking babies, children and families pictures. I like my portraits to show my subjects’ personalities as well as capturing the emotion within the frame. I am also a life style photographer, love capturing all of life ordinary to exciting moments. For me, each moment captured has a story and a warmth of life. 

 I started photography with Canon AE1, taking travel photos. There was a time that traveling alone in Trans-Siberian railway journey was so my thing. I was a dreamer and traveler, never thought that I could settled down and have a family of my own. Everything changed, when I met my husband, Toddi. (not too hard to guess where I named my Toddi Photography from) He taught me the joy and happiness is all around us, in the most ordinary life. Now I love taking pictures of my two little girls growing up more than landscapes. I have changed my film camera to digital SLR. I live in Ashburn, VA and Frankfurt, Germany. 

 Lately, I am trying to drink black coffee(instead of vanilla-latte), practicing to master the light, hoping one day, I could a do Rembrandt style portraits(after all, I did go to an Art University) and spending more time with my children(they are growing so fast). 

 Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to contact me with any questions. Wishing everyone a wonderful day!